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Perspirex Foot Lotion

Perspirex Foot Lotion

SKU: NAPPI Code: 721865*001

The high-strength formula has been developed for wet feet (moderate to heavy perspiration) and contains a clinically proven active ingredient that provides effective protection against heavy foot sweating and odour. Perspirex Foot Lotion helps provide a very high degree of sweat reduction for up to 3 days. The lotion can also be used for the hands. Apply at night to completely dry, unbroken skin. No need to re-apply in the morning.


Perspirex Foot Lotion is free from perfume.


Long-lasting protection

Perspirex Foot Lotion maintains a long-lasting protection for 3-5 days.


Superior sweat reduction

Perspirex Foot Lotion controls sweat using the ultra-effective active ingredient Aluminium Chloride.


Absorbs quickly

Nice and convenient consistency that absorbs quickly without leaving a greasy feeling.

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