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Gabina Health & Beauty was founded in 2004 as a supplier of retail consumer products specifically health & beauty lines to community pharmacy in South Africa. With the changing face of community pharmacy in South Africa and because of diversification into other selected channels Gabina’s customers now include drug store retail, pharmacy, pharmacy wholesale, juvenile retail and online retail.

Gabina Health & Beauty offers a comprehensive and inclusive offering that includes sales, warehousing & distribution to the respective channels that are picking, packing and dispatching approximately 50,000 pieces of stock per month.

Gabina is represented nationally by an outsourced sales function, but key account management remains an inhouse function across the categories serviced by products offered by Gabina in the respective channels. Certain channels and customers demand an instore merchandising function and a Field Marketing service.

Gabina therefore offers a comprehensive offering to principals looking to reach the channels serviced by Gabina Health & Beauty within South Africa.

Gabina Health & Beauty Distribution Policy

Gabina makes use of a diversified distribution strategy dependent on the customer, channel and nature of engagement. Gabina’s primary distribution is undertaken through a strategic relationship with Detour Logistics which is complimented through Gabina’s own vehicles for local deliveries.  Gabina is able to service national distribution both to store as well as to delivery to national distribution centers.


& merchandising

Gabina makes use of an outsource sales & merchandising function to drug store retail and a pure sales function to community pharmacy and wholesalers.  The sales & merchandising function ensures orders are generated, Gabina ensures that orders are processed and dispatched timeously, and that stock is delivered to stores, unpacked and placed on shelf.  This function extends to ensuring that price labels are on shelf and are correct, that promotions are executed and that any customer service issues are dealt with efficiently.


Local, regional and national deliveries are undertaken through a strategic partnership with Detour Logistics and local deliveries are complimented through Gabina’s own vehicles and drivers. Due to the size of the country, distribution to national centres takes place daily through long haul distribution to hubs in city centres and then local delivery from the hub.  All deliveries take place via road freight.


Gabina Health & Beauty operates our own warehouse situated in Bromhof, Johannesburg.  The warehouse has a bulk and fine pick function.  International shipments can be easily offloaded, and orders are dispatched daily to customers nationally. The facility is ventilated to ensure that summer temperatures remain under 25°C. Gabina does not offer refrigerated and/or perishable warehousing & distribution facilities.

field marketing

Gabina introduced the function of a field marketer several years back which is designed to manage the service delivery at store level expected of our outsource sales and merchandising partners. The function is a qualitative function and ensures that we receive the expected service and that our products & principles are well represented on shelf. 

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